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The 748 had been bought to us for an estimate and repair, after careful inspection it was determind that it would not be economical repair but may be an ideal candidate as a long term DIY restoration. The owner decided to cut his losses however and look towards buying the all new 1198 Ducati, his job did not give him the time for this type of project! An offer was agreed and GTEC Performance became the owner of this rather sad Yellow 748.

Our aim with this Ducati is to rebuild it to its former glory and in the process use some of the items and specialist repairs we offer to our customers. The goal is to have a fully rebuilt, pristine and reliable 748 that we can have some fun on and enjoy - what else is Ducati ownership about??


The bike is here in the process of being totally stripped of every last nut, bolt and fixing. We decided as the frame paint was badly damaged we would go with a re-paint of the frame and wheels to the later model's silver.


All the bolts, axle, nuts etc were sent for plating back to their original 'yellow' colour and all look like new on their return.












The frame was ultimately stripped and sent for paint, we decided on the later colour silver, our paint here was done by 'Kas Race Paint' who have made a fantastic job of our frame and wheels.











If you have any queries or questions, require a quote or just need a little advise then please feel free to mail me at service@gtecperformance.com or give me a call on 07841 099 998.


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