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To follow is a small selection of some of our 'project' jobs that are either in the pipeline, ongoing or have been completed. Personally I find detail pictures interesting so the bikes and pictures featured are obviously biased to the kind of thing I like, I hope you also find them of interest and enlightening to the kind of work undertaken at GTEC Performance.



This is our 'long-term' project that we raced in the final rounds of 'New-Era' Sound Of Thunder class. We had a fair amount of success in 2006 with our 996 and during the last few meets in 2008 we had some strong results with 2 seconds and a win at Snetterton. The picture shows our racer prior to it's track deut, to see how we got this far read on.. more..


The bike is owned by Mark, and having drained the oil during a routine change he found a small amount of aluminium on the oil pick-up gauze, the cause of which can be the crank plug adrift, so rather to be safe than sorry it was investigated and repaired, along with a few minor mods.. actually a lot of mods!!.. more..

900SL to 980 PIEROBON!!



This is the start to a new project we have recently undertaken, the 'bike' started life as a 900SL and will ultimately be a race spec Pierobon framed 900SL. The emphasis heavily being 'Super Light'!! more...



Mikes Ducati 749 track-bike was bought to us for 'track-day' preperation, a few mods were to follow...


SRP 996 Racebike


This is our 2006 season race bike loaned by SRP, after a hard season however this bike is having a total refresh... more..



This was a total strip and rebuild of a brand new 1098R, the brief was to make it as near RS spec as possible - but user friendly. An ultimate twins racer!more..


F2 Racer..

F2 Racer.. Malcolm Wheeler and used to work together at MotoCinelli, however before the days of Cinelli being the main Ducati importer (and before my days of working there)  Malc was sponsered by Cinelli with this Ducati F2 racer. Time passed however, bikes are sold and things move on, then one day Malc has an article in Desmo magazine (The Ducati Owners Club publication) in which he talks of his history racing Ducati's and his wish to find and own the 600 he raced. Well as luck would have it his wish came true and the bike reappeared. It had been standing for a long period and as I owed Malc a bit of a favour we offered to give it the once over. (Malc helped instigate my position with Cinelli - the rest is history!) So heres a view of what we did...



This is the begining of a new project. The bike was bought by us as a bit of a wrecker, most parts are worn out and the bottom end had gone, so over the next few months we'll be doing a re-vamp on this sad little 748 and bring it back to life with plenty of expertise and TLC. More...


These are a few examples, there will be more!!

If you have any queries or questions, require a quote or just need a little advise then please feel free to mail me at service@gtecperformance.com or give me a call on 01858 535 411 or 0784 1099 998.

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